Sub-Prime Mortgages and Commmunity Segregation


Professor Amine Ouazad presents data that shows how sub-prime mortgages actually contributed to greater segregation in communities.

This is a Professor at INSEAD a top business school based in Fountainbleau, France. His findings are not that shocking to anyone in Chicago or New York who live with in those neighborhoods.

The sub-prime mortgages were a tool of public policy to improve neighborhoods. However, the government did not update policy based on what was happening in real time in the world. What if we had a world where policy analysts could get live data from area residents on the condition of their neighborhoods. This data could inform the analysts of what works and what does not and they can ACT!!

This of course would only happen if the political will is there. Another requisite would be an Urban Information Model that contains data on home ownership, crime, and community engagement.

How can we use an Urban Information Model to make a real change in the world?


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