XML in Processing

I’ve found a couple of usefull tools for importing URL based XML into Processing, and then querying/storing on a PostgreSQL DB.

SQLibrary is for getting Processing to communicate with a DB, and works with more than just PostgreSQL.

XMLElement is a Processing object that can be used to access URL based XML code, and to parse it.  It acts as an XML representation on top of Processing.

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About Kai Hansen

Kai holds a BArch and MSArch from The IIT College of Architecture, where he also worked as Network & Systems Coordinator. Prior to architecture, he worked in the fields of engineering and fabrication, specializing in rapid-prototyping and advanced aerospace instrumentation. This background is the foundation on which he has built a framework of expertise consisting of architectural design, physical computing and application development. As a result, Kai’s design methods reflect a strong desire to see his concepts actualized, and a multi-disciplinary approach that carry into each of his endeavors. Given the availability of emerging technologies and increased awareness of performative building metrics, he holds the firm belief that the mating of dynamic and intelligent building systems is the area of greatest opportunity to impact the life-cycle performance of existing and future dwellings.

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