Data Modeling Workshop at SOM

This Friday, 2/3, we will meet downtown at the SOM offices in the Santa Fe Building 224 S Michigan Avenue.  Please meet by 10:30 in the lower level atrium lobby where the CAF city model is located.  There are a few different exhibits to see at the CAF which are all publicly accessible.  Feel free to come early, we have reserved a conference room upstairs for 11:00-1:00 so we can talk for a bit downstairs and then head up.  Please bring markers and trace just in case, as I am not certain about the availability of white boards, etc.


the class blog

Welcome to the class blog for Professor Kearns‘ Urban Information Modeling seminar in the College of Architecture, at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Here you will find the resources, assignments, references, and basic administration of course information.  Together with student posts and course information the blog will grow as a resource for the college at large.

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