3D Ripper DX

Although my presentation focused on all forms of translating 2D data into 3D info for modeling cities and buildings, I want to focus on this one.

With the (DirectX version) you can go to Bing maps and rip the mesh data off of your graphics card. . It comes as a mesh into 3ds Max or Maya. The graphics card will read everything in the scene which sometimes gives you some unnecessary information that can be cropped away in the 3D program. Older versions of DirectX and software rendering engines do not support 3D Ripper DX.

I think this was developed for ripping game scenes but it has been successful in getting full models of cities from Bing maps. I have been told that you should find the old developer version of Bing maps though to make this work best. I have attached the best YouTube videos that show how the program works but there is song attached by the original creator, so turn the volume down and the second video shows the tutorial twice.

There is also an alternative for OpenGL which I believe Google Earth uses. I wish I knew more about this but I have only been informed about Bing and will look into this as I move forward this semester.

To use, you must download the 1.8 or 1.8.1 version. Open 3D Ripper DX, pick the executable program you would like rip from and then specify parameters. The website below can give you some more details.