IBM: Smart City

Data is being captured today as never before. It reveals everything from large and systemic patterns—of global markets, workflows, national infrastructures and natural systems—to the location, temperature, security and condition of every item in a global supply chain. Since 2008, IBM was talked about what it takes to build a smarter planet. They learned that companies, cities and world are complex systems-indeed, systems of systems. Advancing these systems to be more instrumented, intelligent and interconnected requires a profound shift in management and governance toward far more collaborative approaches.

What does IBM do? IBM unified all data information available in a city and created intelligence and interconnected system to make a smart city.  This city has Operation Center that IBM called IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities. This center synchronizes and analyzes efforts among sectors and agencies as they happen, giving decision makers consolidated information that helps them anticipate—rather than just react to—problems. This system unified city services such as energy & utilities, education, healthcare, public safety and transportation. By using this method, cities, government agencies, and enterprises can optimize operational efficiencies and improve planning

Certainly, this is a good example of what we should do with the data available in the network, which in this case was made a smarter city.

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By Soledad Hernandez