by Soledad Hernandez & Pinar Dursun


The millions of tons of waste disposed of into our environment every year. As urban growth continues to take hold in many cities, our levels of all types of waste, combined with the problems created when it comes to disposing of them, are constantly increasing. In front of this situation, an efficient management waste system can solve a basic problem in the cities.

Chicago generates 7,299,174 tons of waste every year and residents recycle just more than 200,000 tons of materials per year.

Chicago has two recycling systems: Blue Cart and Drop-off

The goals

The aim of this project is to analysis how is the recycling system en Chicago

Examining the effectiveness of Chicago Recycling System.

How the recycling system of Chicago can be improved?

Recycling amount distribution by location.

Correlation between recycling amount and demographical information.


After preparing the spreadsheets of the data and uploading them in iituim server database via PostgreSQL software as tables, shape files were imported to QGIS software where the contacts between the amounts and locations were made. Thus, equations for analysis were created.



22 wards have neither drop-off center nor blue cart system. 1,186,364 people living in this wards without any recycling service.

It is obvious that blue cart system is more efficient than drop-off centers due to its easiness. Travelling miles to throw the recyclables into the drop-off center instead of putting them into the blue cart in front of their house is a dissuasive effect for the people who do not live in blue cart covered neighborhoods.

It also seems like the people living in the north neighborhoods are more eager to recycle. Northwards can be proposed for the location of blue cart area future expansion.

For complete presentation with all the maps: RECYCLING 5.4.12


Shapefile to PostGIS Import

I’m trying to import the Shapefile for building footprints in Chicago to PostGIS using Spit on qGIS, but I’ve forgot what was the SRID I was supposed to use.

Could anyone help me with that? Thanks (sorry for this kind of post but I figured it was the quickest way to get an answer and to get the thing going)

Q GIS – Coordinates

When I tried to add a coordinate file in QGIS I realized that this program do not read degrees, minutes, seconds Coordinates (41° 00′ 18.48″ N, 87° 40′ 52.57″ W) therefore, it have to be converted into GPS Coordinates (41.003519, 87.791722)

Here is some Links that can help you:

Find Latitude and Longitude                                                                                            Convert Lat/Lon (option1)                                                                                              Convert Lat/Lon (option2)

Additionally, The link below is a tutorial about: How to Create a Shapefile from XY coordinate data using QGIS.                                                                                                 XY coordinate data to shapefile

By Soledad Hernandez